Ironman Wisconsin: Final Countdown

The time is getting short.  I am always amazed how much effort is required to get to an Ironman and to prepare for the “long catered training day.”

I could tell you specifically what I packed but I think it would be easier to tell you what I didn’t pack.  I left only three things at home; my daughter (soccer tournament…go Cougars!), the hot tub and one very small annoyed Yorkie.  I regret leaving the hot tub (of course Willa I wanted to take you too!).  You can access my triathlon packing list at this link.

I am so glad we came up on Wednesday.  Thursday was an admin day of eating, swim, eating, bike, eating, run rehearsal, eating, race registration, expo and finishing with eating.  I lost a few pounds in taper (this is normal) and I am just trying to maintain at this point.  It is amazing how much time all of the details can take and how long the lines were.

Friday we started the day with espresso and a brief 10′ minute swim in choppy water.  It was uneventful for us, but not for a few other swimmers. The rest of the day has been spent off my feet.

The plan for tomorrow is a swim, bike, run race rehearsal beginning at 7am.  I am keen to check the temps out to decide how much clothing to wear on the bike.  I have been a bit cold coming out of the water in the early morning and will probably be rocking the toe covers and the arm warmers on Sunday.  Weather forecast is a high of 78 degrees with WSW winds up to 10mph.

Tomorrow is race organization day.  I will check in my bike early with my transition bags.  Otherwise, I will be eating, resting and visualizing a solid race.  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes.  You will all be with me on Sunday…pity if you haven’t trained.

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