The last 10 days have been a whirlwind.  Training has gotten “fresh and fruity” whilst work has given me more of the same (I admit that the Swim Smooth program totally tickles me with language including lots of whilst, fresh and fruity).

Three PRs last week as I celebrated my 44th year:

  • 21:17 5k
  • 21.23 mph 10 mile cycling TT (no aero wheels etc.)
  • 17:56 1000m swim TT (okay still lots of room to improve but a combination of Gordo and Swim Smooth workouts is really making a difference).

Additional highlights:

  • blowing up at 5:30am during my track workout after finishing the cycling TT at 8:30pm the night before.  What was I thinking?
  • Getting a bit behind in calories and implementing “the eat like it is your job” program.
  • Releasing the idea I only need 7 hours a sleep at night and increasing it by an hour.  Plus maybe a nap.

I capped the week with a birthday combo.  Saturday was a three hour special: Gordo Olympic race simulation.  Sunday I had an easy birthday morning five mile run and a fun two hour group ride in beautiful weather.

During the ride yesterday I felt too good.  Invincible.  I know that when I start feeling unbreakable it is my “canary in the mine”.  My body is humming on high and firing on all gears.  If I don’t gently tap the breaks, I will crash and burn (get sick).

Today my schedule called for an easy 30 minute run.  In the afterglow of training yesterday, I decided to push it to 45 minutes.  I woke up this morning and felt great. Then I remembered the canary.  I am two weeks out from Terre Haute Triathlon and it is not time to blow it.  I held my body and check and finished my 30 minutes easy.

Until my race, I will follow all workouts as prescribed and no changes without asking permission first.  I am on lockdown.

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