Tucson Camp Day 1

Today began with breakfast at 6:30 am and a 7:20 departure to the pool. We headed to beautiful Oro Valley where you can see the sun rise over the mountains as you start your swim. The water was warm, the wind was whipping and the morning dessert air was cool. It was a bit nippy on deck but the pool was warm.

Today’s benchmark swim was brought to us by pro Justin Daerr
10′ warm up your choice
4×75 as 25 build into 50 easy with the lane leader leaving after the last person touches
1000 TT
8×125 PBB with the lane leader leaving after the last person touches
5′ cool down

I had a PR in the swim but did not feel all world. It usually takes me a day or two here to adjust to the dryness and the slight increase in altitude. I almost lost my voice again but I think it will hold with my increased hydration.

After the swim we had an easy 50 minute out and back run. The run was easy until the turn around where we headed uphill and into the 20+ mile an hour winds. Wind would be a recurring theme today.

After the swim we had an early lunch, napped, made a quick run for supplies and met up again with the team for our ride.

We rode through town (bumps, stones, cracks, debris…hence the nick name Dirty T) in a nice pace line for 50 minutes. I had to blow a few matches to not get dropped by the A team. I had some nice 300+ watt surges. Having said that, our team leaders did a nice job pulling us into the wind and keeping the pace reasonable.

We arrived at our destination for a supposed five mile time trial. The TT was headed into 25 mph winds with gusts up to 45. I was a bit fearful how my I would handle my new bike in the gusts. I decided it was great practice and just got into my aero position and refused to get up. There was one gust that sent me sideways a few feet but it was worth it as I gained some confidence in handling my new bike.

The TT went fine until I arrived at mile 5 with no finish line in sight. Ugh. I kept digging until the end. As I finally crossed the finish my first thought after pushing the interval button on my joule was to try to wipe all the snot and drool off my face. It was my slowest TT EVER but perhaps my highest wattage. The best part was that the whole ride back was a pace line descent averaging 25 miles per hour. At some points we were well over 30 mph.

We had dinner almost immediately after the ride and a very enjoyable lecture by Alan Couzens on fatigue curves in the context of our TTs.

I apologize that my posts this week are limited in their editing but I am tired and need to go to sleep. My internal clock is hard wired to get up at 6am back home (4am here!). We have a 6am call for Gordo brew (aka jet fuel or better training through chemistry) followed by a 10k to the top of the U of A mountain. After breakfast we have a 100 mile ride…continuing the journey of sleep, train, eat, and repeat.

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