Tucson Camp Day 5

Today was a consolidation day at camp.  After 26.5 hours of training, I decided to embrace the recovery.  First up today was a swim at the Oro Valley Pool.

Justin Daerr swim workout:

  • Warm up
  • 400 (10″)
  • 4×100 (10″)
  • 300 (10″)
  • 4×75 (10″)
  • 200 (10″)
  • 4×50 (10″)
  • 100 (10″)
  • 4×25 (10″)
  • Cool Down

400, 300, 200 and last 100 were paddles, buoy and band cruise.  The lines in between were no toys and a bit faster.  I ended up adding to the workout to get a full hour of swimming.

After the swim, we had our usual parking lot buffet.  Bagels, muffins, bananas, peanut butter, water and nutella (there are a few folks here with a serious nutella addiction).  I had a few of these baked goods called Aussie Bites that I really like.  Chris (aka BigSexy) McDonald explained to me that the correct pronunciation is phonetically Ozzie.  I can’t wait until the folks in Southern Indiana get a hold of me the next time I say Ozzie.

After the run we drove to the River Park Trail (we start in the Trader Joe’s parking lot).  Despite the name, there is no actual River.  It is just a dry, rocky and sandy basin.  Until it rains and then there is a flash flood.  The trail is a paved two lane trail with parallel sections of sand/gravel running.

Justin started our workout with the dynamic warm up we learned earlier in the week.  This time he did it a bit more at his normal flow which is constant movement.  It actually passes quite quickly when you see it flow in real life.  I found this really helpful from a total body activation stand point.

After the initial movements we had an easy jog for approximately 15 minutes ending at a park.  We then completed the rest of the dynamic movements and were ready for our main set.

Justin Daerr’s main set:

  • 3x(12′ steady or about 10″ faster than IM pace/3′ easy)
  • 3x(4′ mod hard/1′ easy)

The dynamic warm up left my body feeling activated and ready to hit the main set.  It was a shorter long run than Gordo gives me in my usual training but the quality was high and I was very pleased how I felt overall.

After our run we had our wraps for lunch and then I took a 20 minute nap.  I had a very positive meeting with Gordo on where I am and where we are going.  Things are going well and we are going to continue with more of the same (well a bit less initially to consolidate from this week).  Gordo suggested a carbohydrate snack before bed to help my sleep quality.  At this point I would consider eating a box of donuts to get a full eight hours!

I will be adding the dynamic warm up program to my running and trying a zero drop shoe just for my easy runs.  Based on my fitness level right now, I am considering an early season IM.  A Texas Foundation slot may be the winner.

Gordo gave a fifteen minute presentation tonight that discussed the transitions in his life and the phases of how he lives.  He generated some good post topic discussion and an opportunity for those of us seasoned, and unseasoned, to consider where you are and the transitions to where you are going.

Tomorrow is the last big day with a 100 mile ride/climb of Kitts Peak.  I will have a short transition run after the ride and we will call it a camp!


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