Achy Breaky Body

A radical taper involves a radical response.  Wow…after rolling quality week after quality week, I feel like I have fallen off a cliff.  Things ache and hurt that never ache and hurt.  I am napping once a day and yesterday could have napped twice!

The plague I received via Typhoid KT is lifting but overall this has been a less than ideal pre-race couple of weeks.  On a positive note, I have hit all my workouts and have settled into life on the island.

Yesterday we ferried the purchased bikes from Walmart.  Believe it or not, they were sold out of bikes.  Amazing considering these are obscenely heavy and ugly bikes.  We also picked up my team (as in team of one) physician from the airport and got him settled into his condo.

My heart is a bit heavy today as my adopted Mom in Bloomington had a perfect storm last night of catastrophic medical emergencies.  I know she would want me here right now, but it certainly puts this all into perspective.  Yes, this is a special race but at the end of the day, it is only just another race.

Headed off to flop in the water for a few minutes, have some breakfast and then register. Quick cycling workout on the Queen K followed up by a short run tonight.  I am attending the Parade of Nations (not to be confused with the underwear run).  What About Bob hits the island this afternoon!

We finish up tonight with a dinner with my EC team mates Gail and Jenny.  Jenny’s homestay has been so kind to invite my cabel of freaks for dinner.  Aloha!

Things we learned:

  • Post office doesn’t open until 8:30am.  Closed Columbus Day.
  • It is easy to get sucked into doing things all day long.  Avoid the downtown.  Be boring.
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