Time for the Show

The last few days have been a whirlwind of required activities, family/support team arrivals and final preparations.

I have registered:

One on One Care at Registration

I watched the parade of Nations.  Swam with my support team.  Took great teams pics with everyone from Endurance Corner.  Had three sessions of “making my stomach churn” ART on my ankle.

I attended the underpants run.  Too many funny photos to post.  Suffice it to say that it was a great pressure release and a total riot.

Rocking the UPR Gear

What About Bob and TeamHPB









This week had a lot of challenges.  Nothing ever went smoothly.  Everything seem to have a complication.  In retrospect, I think the universe was just making sure I really wanted to race and providing me with some nice tests.

The plague has mostly passed and it did require me to slow down.  A lot.  Shirley is out of intensive care and reminded me that there are real things to worry about in the world. My sisters couldn’t make the trip to be with Shirley (as they should) and I know I will have them with me in spirit during my day.

My bike challenges are too much to list.  Suffice it to say, that everything has worked out and is now running perfectly.  I am excited to start my day tomorrow and celebrate the journey to this race.

On a funny note, we attended the Welcome Banquet last night.  As they recognized Ken Glah for his 29th race, and the respective 80 year olds racing, there was part of me that realizes this is one giant marketing/ponzi scheme.  The message?  Never stop racing IM’s!

Things I have learned:

  • With much of my family not coming, we moved to the house we rented at the Kona Coast.  Air conditioning and a very quiet place!  Very relaxing.
  • If you are not downtown, get a car.  I have watched triathletes riding seven miles for events and trying to hitchhike home.
  • Keahou Shopping Mall has everything you need including groceries and dining without the traffic stress.
  • The public pool is on Makala and is free to the public.
  • Go to the welcome banquet your first year.  Only.
  • Connect with your team.  They inspire me and make me laugh.
  • Take lots of pics.
  • Swim out to the Coffees of Hawaii boat.  Drink coffee.
  • Hit the expo once.  Right after the parade of nations.  Don’t go back.
  • Lots of free stuff given out.  We are shipping boxes back.
  • Take your team to the Slowtwitch party.  They enjoyed the beer, atmosphere, cool house and we cleaned up on the raffle.  Plus we got to see Chrissie again.
  • Plan your runs to head down Alii away from the downtown.  Tables set up with fluids etc. from various companies for you to sample.
  • If you run after 6pm bring a light or something reflective.  It gets dark here early.
  • Ride the Queen K in the afternoon to get a sense of winds and heat.

Finally, take a sherpa team.  Mine has been incredible and they make this all possible for me with the least amount of stress.  I need to return the favor to all of them next week.

I will write more on the other side.  Time to get my race…


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