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Hillary Biscay IM Calculator

In honor of pro triathlete Hillary Biscay completing her 65th Ironman, I decided to set up a calculator to see how long it would take me to equal her record setting streak.  Feel free to enter you own numbers. Obviously, I … Continue reading

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Am I Having Fun Yet?

Yesterday a friend and fellow business owner emailed me and asked me for the job description for my Chief Operating Officer (COO).  I emailed him the following: A very simple one. Protect my family/life from the business. Run everything The … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Athletes I am Coaching…

as their A races approach: I thought this was a very good article on dealing with race highs and lows: Chrissie Wellington on Race Highs and Lows I was fortunate this weekend to have mostly highs at Ironman Louisville. There … Continue reading

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Changing Gait

I recently went to the Runner’s Forum in Indianapolis.  I decided to undergo a gait analysis.  I have had a sneaking suspicion that my running gait has changed.  A few years ago, Coach was sponsored by Adidas.  After having a … Continue reading

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