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Why you should choose a HOT race!

And how to train and prepare for a great day.  My chat with Bevan and Johan at IMTalk:

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Power Up

Are you stuck indoors riding the trainer this winter?  Can’t afford a full blown power meter system?  If your answer is yes, you’re wrong.  Now everyone can afford an indoor power system. Parts needed: 1)  Trainer.  Highly recommend the Kurt … Continue reading

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New Shiny Things

Each season, I like to review any new equipment I have tried (purchased).  Here is my list for 2013: Latex tubes - The normal black tubes are butyl.  Many people cautioned me on switching to latex claiming more flats will happen. … Continue reading

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Diary of the Treatment of a Calf Strain

Since a few people have asked, I thought I would detail how I overcame my calf strain a few weeks before my A race (to end up winning my age group at Ironman Louisville). First and foremost, I STOPPED RUNNING … Continue reading

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RAGBRAI: Triathlon Training for the Triathlete

I had hoped to blog daily from RAGBRAI but the complete crashing of the cell system every time our cycling circus arrived in town prevented outside blogging.  I decided to condense many days worth into a single blog for triathletes … Continue reading

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Texas: The Great Race

This weekend is round two with one of my favorite races, Ironman Texas.  Last year I added Texas at the last minute (thanks to an idea by Coach KT) to use it as an attempt to qualify for Kona.  I … Continue reading

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I am in the process of starting a new business.  I am actually venturing into the tech market.  As a result, I needed an attorney to “wrap” my concept in state and federal trademarks.  I am happy with the attorney … Continue reading

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On to the Next One

I have had a lot of questions about what I am doing now and what is next?  I have an upcoming article at Endurance Corner that outlines my off-season check list.  Everything from a bike fitting (done and yes my … Continue reading

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Achy Breaky Body

A radical taper involves a radical response.  Wow…after rolling quality week after quality week, I feel like I have fallen off a cliff.  Things ache and hurt that never ache and hurt.  I am napping once a day and yesterday … Continue reading

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Hang On

Yesterday began with us cheering on everyone running the Path 5k and 10k past our condo.  A surprising number of triathletes were participating.  I did not run the race because there is too much to lose in pushing myself that … Continue reading

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