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Clavicle Chronicles

I am going to treat this post as an ongoing update rather than add new posts.  For most recent part of this post, click here. Feel free to send any questions to  Oh and if you want to see some … Continue reading

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Tips for a Strong Cyclist: Riding on a Multi-Day Group Ride

I have a friend about to embark on a long cycling trip. She is by far the strongest rider in the group.  She is required to stay with the group but is not quite sure how to do it.  She … Continue reading

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Training, Racing and Winning in the Heat: Not Born Hot!

Welcome, this is a very short ebook I have been writing on Training, Racing and Winning in the Heat. Each chapter will begin with an Aid Station or key point for the chapter.  Please enjoy and feel free to email … Continue reading

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Nailing Nutrition on the Bike to Run Fast

From a conversation with a triathlete: The most important thing to consider is the grams of carbohydrates you are consuming per hour. 60-90g is recommended per hour of long course racing on the bike with the sweet spot for most … Continue reading

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Why you should choose a HOT race!

And how to train and prepare for a great day.  My chat with Bevan and Johan at IMTalk:

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Power Up

Are you stuck indoors riding the trainer this winter?  Can’t afford a full blown power meter system?  If your answer is yes, you’re wrong.  Now everyone can afford an indoor power system. Parts needed: 1)  Trainer.  Highly recommend the Kurt … Continue reading

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New Shiny Things

Each season, I like to review any new equipment I have tried (purchased).  Here is my list for 2013: Latex tubes - The normal black tubes are butyl.  Many people cautioned me on switching to latex claiming more flats will happen. … Continue reading

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Diary of the Treatment of a Calf Strain

Since a few people have asked, I thought I would detail how I overcame my calf strain a few weeks before my A race (to end up winning my age group at Ironman Louisville). First and foremost, I STOPPED RUNNING … Continue reading

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RAGBRAI: Triathlon Training for the Triathlete

I had hoped to blog daily from RAGBRAI but the complete crashing of the cell system every time our cycling circus arrived in town prevented outside blogging.  I decided to condense many days worth into a single blog for triathletes … Continue reading

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Texas: The Great Race

This weekend is round two with one of my favorite races, Ironman Texas.  Last year I added Texas at the last minute (thanks to an idea by Coach KT) to use it as an attempt to qualify for Kona.  I … Continue reading

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